Immortal Laces™ is a premium skateboarding and action sport shoelace brand committed to quality and attention to detail in everything we create. Immortal Laces™ provide enhanced durability, abrasion resistance, stylish design and are specially constructed for intense physical abuse. Our laces are hand crafted in San Diego, CA by skaters for ripping shredders of all action sports.


Immortal Laces™ are designed and constructed in San Diego, CA by our team of skaters, engineers, and manufacturing specialists. All of our laces are created by hand and are built for functionality in the action sports arena. For years shoelaces have been overlooked in the action sports industry, specifically skateboarding due to a lack of creativity and innovation in the action sports market. Standard shoelaces break very easily and our Immortal Laces™ last up to 5 times longer then a normal lace. Immortal Laces™ offer the perfect mix of enhanced durability, stylish design, high tensile strength and resistance to environmental degradation that elevate our laces to the next level. Immortal Laces™ can often outlast the typical shoe.


We believe in being the best at everything we create and work to achieve the highest quality. There are many ways in which Immortal Laces™ stand out above the normal lace and quality materials is number one. We use only the highest grade lacing and aglets. Immortal Laces™ go through rigorous testing in every skateboard discipline and every skateboard obstacle to make sure that the durability is second to none. This process takes us longer to complete and is more expensive to produce but we believe that quality and attention to detail is the key to making Immortal Laces™ the top action sports shoelace. From the lace quality to packaging innovation, Immortal Laces™ are second to none in this world.


Immortal Laces™ encourage you to stand out from everyone else who is rocking shredded, knotted, super glued, normal, crappy laces. Change it up, stand out, show your personal style on your favorite shoes without having to stop and change out your lace in the middle of a run or an intense session. Immortal Laces™ are the best way to customize your shoes while relieving you from the constant shoelace breakage we’ve all become accustomed to. Immortal Laces™ are where style and functionality meet to help those who put a serious hurt on their shoes and laces.


The Immortal Laces™ 2014 Collection currently come in six sizes 30″, 36″, 46″, 58″, 64″, and 72″. After measuring the laces on hundreds of styles of skateboard and action sport shoes we found that these sizes are what the hardcore skater uses in practice. They keep your feet snug in your shoes without any binding or pinching. The stretchable, flexible fabric expands and contracts with your foot movement for unparalleled comfort. Our 2014 collection, and everything we create will come in 6 custom lengths 30″ | 36″ | 46″ | 58″ | 64″ | 72″ that are tailor made to be the best fitting, longest lasting laces in the action sports market.