Immortal Lace and Tie

Immortal Lace and Tie

Step By Step Instructions

Step 1

Tie a Left-over-Right Starting Know as shown, then make both laces into “loops” by simply doubling them back onto themselves. People often refer to these as “Bunny Ears”.

Step 2

Cross the two loops over each other so that the right (white) loop ands up in front and the left (orange) loop ends up behind. The orange loop is now the right loop.

Step 3

Begin to wrap the right (orange) loop around the left (white) loop to end up in front.

Step 4

At the same time, begin to wrap the left (white) loop around the back. You will end up with the ends of both loops on opposite sides of the “hole” in the middle.

Step 5

Feed both ends of the loops through the hole in the middle. The right (orange) loop goes out the back and left (white) loops comes out the front.

Step 6

Now, simply pull the loops to tighten the knot. The whole twisted mess of the previous drawing will rearrange itself into a neat finished knot. Trust me, it works!

If your finished knot looks uneven or twisted, it may help to pull on the aglet ends to partly un-tie your laces. This will bring the outer sections of the knot together, making the inner section more even. Then, pull on the loops once again to re-tighten the knot.

Tying your Immortal Laces

If your not using this method to tie your laces; you are doing it wrong! This method of tying your skate laces makes sure nothing comes undone while you’re on your run and having fun.