Our Story


Breaking Laces Sucks!

Our laces last 5 times longer than a normal set of shoelaces WITHOUT you having to spend 5 times the money…

Replace The Lace Guarantee

We guarantee that if you wear your Immortal Laces for 14 days and if you break one of them while skateboarding then we will ship a replacement pair of laces to you for absolutely FREE!

Replace The Lace Guarantee is no longer available on Clearance Laces. We still stand behind our great laces and are almost out of old inventory. The good news is our New and Improved Immortal Laces™ are the best yet and we are excited to get them on the streets!



Interested? Here’s the deal…

We are Immortal Laces, and we’ve developed something that has been 40 years in the making.

Here’s what happened and how it directly benefits you….


At the Coronado skate park in San Diego, on the afternoon of April 1, 2014, I (Dan Ryan, who recently started skating again after a 24 year-ish hiatus) watched Eric DuRose (who has been skating 30+ years with no hiatus) lace up his Half Cabs with those black and tan work boot laces.

The following conversation ensued;

Dan: What are you doing?

Eric: I am so sick of breaking laces!

Dan: What do you mean? How often do you break laces?

Eric: I probably break a lace every other session.

Dan: What!? Really?

Eric: Oh yeah. I just bought these today to see if they’d work better.

Dan: Do most skaters break laces that often?

Eric: Yes.

We skated for a little over an hour and by the end of the session… the boot lace had broken.

And an idea was born…

The next day I set to researching to see if anyone had tackled this problem. To my surprise I could not really find anything. Then I recalled watching T.V. a few months prior and seeing a guy break out of a set of zip tie handcuffs using his shoelaces which were made out of nylon cord.

Was that the answer?

Making Laces Sucks Too…
But We Did It.

For five of us, the next couple of weeks was a blur of; nylon cords, aglets, scissors, razors, crimping tools, lighters, candles, pliers, duct tape, internal testing and time… A LOT of time.

It was one step forward, two steps back with little victories along the way and some failures.

What? The aglets are supposed stay on?

Yes, that happened…

In the end, we had some really cool looking laces that were super-duper durable. We were totally in love with them BUT… were we just drinking our own Kool Aid?

So We Had Some People Test Them Out… They Loved Them!

As I mentioned earlier we are located in San Diego, specifically Clairemont, home of the Krause Family Skate Park.

Over several days and weeks we doled out prototype laces to visiting and local amateurs and pros alike.

The response was nearly universal.

Immortal laces… Ruled!


Immortal Laces™ are a premium skateboarding and action sport shoelace specially constructed to endure intense physical abuse from ripping shredders. Our laces are:

  • Ultra-Durable

  • Abrasion Resistant

  • w/ High Tensile Strength

  • Resistant to Environmental Degradation

  • w/ Abrasion Resistant Metal Aglets

Immortal Laces™ are also the best way to customize your personal style while relieving you from inevitable shoelace breakage.

So while everyone is rocking shredded, knotted, super glued, session-stopping crappy laces you’ll be looking good and skating more.

(Now, we’re not saying these laces won’t break. That’s pretty much guaranteed when you skateboard but these laces will far outperform any laces you’ve ever used in the past).

So, Are You Ready To Get Immortal?

For years shoelaces have been overlooked in the action sports industry, specifically skateboarding. Immortal Laces™ offer the perfect mix of enhanced durability, stylish design, high tensile strength and resistance to environmental degradation that elevates our laces to where they can outlast a typical shoe.

A pair of regular laces, on average, costs $5.44 with high end kevlar laces going for as much as $19.

A typical skateboarder, on average, breaks 5 laces per month.

That is a cost of $27.20 per month!

That means most skateboarders are spending between $25 and $30 per month on inferior laces where one set of Immortal Laces™ could do the job.

Based on that information laces of this quality and durability should cost between $19 and $24… but they do not.

In fact, a set of Immortal Laces™ is just $11.97

Why the low price?

We want to put Immortal Laces™ into the hands (or better yet shoes) of anyone who has struggled with broken laces in the past. And if you don’t see the value at $11.97, then you probably should leave these laces to the real skaters.

Don’t Take Our Word For It.
Try Them Out For Yourself!

Buy a set of Immortal Laces™ today, and try them out for yourself for 14 days.

If you wear your Immortal Laces for 14 days and if you break an Immortal Lace while skateboarding during that time then we will ship a new set of laces to you for FREE.

Now that you’ve seen what you’ve been missing it is time to take action and get your Immortal Laces™!